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Teach ‘em to Fish Community Development Corporation (TETF CDC)

We are a scalable, repeatable faith-based ministry (501(c)(3)) that helps transform deserving people to become economically self-sustaining entrepreneurs who launch successful businesses or intrapreneurs who use entrepreneurial skills to achieve excellence in the workplace – Transforming themselves, their families, and the Prince George’s County, Maryland community.

Joseph Institute

The life transforming programs of Teach ‘Em To Fish (TETF) are channeled through the TETF Joseph Institute. The various activities of the Institute and their connectedness are shown in figure 1. There are two departments in the School. One path is for those who desire to start and run their businesses or improve their existing business. These are the entrepreneurs. The other path is for those who aspire to improve their capacity to succeed in their career in paid employment be it in government, industry or commerce. These we refer to as intrapreneurs. Each of these options is described below. Regardless of the preferred option, all participants in the program enter through the Entrepreneurship Development School (EDP School). Participants will be charged a nominal fee to cover a portion of the cost of instructional material and supplies.

Figure 1 Layout of the Joseph Institute Programs
Joseph Institute v2 (1)

The Entrepreneurship School

The EDP School is designed to enable the participants assess their potential for entrepreneurship as well as acquire those characteristics that distinguish successful entrepreneurs from the rest of the world. These characteristics are classified into three clusters: (1) Achievement Motivation Cluster, (2) Planning Cluster, and (3) Power Cluster. The focus of the program is not to provide information on entrepreneurship but to transform the participants. A total of about 80 hours of class, covering games, lectures, individual and group exercises, assignments and discussion sessions offer the participants unique and excellent learning experiences. Regular attendance is required. The classes are held one weekday evening and on Saturdays over a three-month period. A unique element of the program is the requirement for each participant to keep a daily journal or log book. Participants are required to purposely behave like entrepreneurs in situations in which they find themselves each day. Thereafter, they record in their log book a careful description of such situation in which they behaved the way successful entrepreneurs behave. This compels each student to know how to recognize the characteristics, practice them and record the event in the log book. The trainers grade these entries on a regular basis. At the successful completion of the Entrepreneurship School, the graduates have two options: (A) the entrepreneurship option or (B) the Intrapreneurship option. Participants who successfully complete the EDP School will progress to the next phased and they will be assisted coaches to help guide to program completion.

Option A – Entrepreneurship

The Business Plan

All the participants who choose the business option must produce, present and successfully defend a well-researched plan of their business before a panel of selected professionals. The business plan is expected to provide

  1. A critical evaluation of the business idea. It will also contain a documented section of market research and competitive analysis to show that the venture being proposed will be viable
  2. An estimated total cost of the project and how it will be financed
  3. An estimated start-up capital and
  4. the proposed organizational structure for the business..

Students who successfully complete all the foregoing requirements are then awarded a certificate of the TETF Joseph Institute.

Small Business Management Skills Acquisition

Graduates of our Entrepreneurship School are then required to acquire small business management skills. Some of the skills are provided by TETF while others are acquired from outside institutions and organizations with which we have established relationships. Such learning continues even after the business has already been established.

Participants with Business capital

Participants who have their funds to start their own business are then guided through the coaching/mentoring services of the Institute to launch their businesses.

Participants who need loans/grants

Those who need external funding to start their business receive coaching and mentoring services as they go through the grant/loan/fund application processes.

Option B – Intrapreneurship

The Individual Development Plan (IDP)

We believe that everyone is not wired to start and successfully run a personal business. This path is for people who have made a commitment to be outstanding employees who will deliver excellent performance and value to the employers. They go through the same program as the future entrepreneurs because the course content leads to the same character and behavior that make for success in both business and the workplace. They will apply all they learned from the EDP School together with additional specialized training which we offer under the IDP program to launch a successful and rewarding career in non-profit, government, industry, etc.

Workplace Soft skills Acquisition

The training provides the participants with:

  • Knowledge of work environment
  • Knowledge of self
  • Integration of knowledge of work and self leads to the development of Individual Development Plan

This option culminates in the submission of and defense of their Individual Development Plan. The Plan lays out in some detail how they anticipate their career path to proceed; what it will take to achieve their career goals; and how they will ensure they accomplish their goals. They will receive their certificates on successful defense of their Plan. TETF professional mentors and coaches will assist the participants all through their period of enrollment in the Institute and while they are implementing their plan.

Management Skills

TETF will either provide the appropriate management skills training or we will leverage other community resources.


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