TETF is a great investment for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Leif Ulstrup


My wife and I support Teach ’em to Fish because of their mission and founder Clarence Crawford. He and his team have created something special. Clarence’s passion for giving back to our community and his commitment to helping others reach their full potential was evident as colleagues at Deloitte. Their innovative approach to transforming lives through entrepreneurship is a model we hope other community leaders will emulate.

Jackie D.

TETF is a MUST HAVE experience for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Jerry D.

TETF provided the information, tools and guidance necessary to prepare our business plan.

Jerry & Jackie D.

I gained a better understanding of entrepreneurial success factors & strategies to help improve my business.

Jackie D.

I get it.

Marty, TETF graduate said ½ way through the program

We want to take the few people that we can help to succeed.


It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve as both a volunteer and board member of the TETF CDC ministry. During that time I experienced excellence in action as I partnered with a diverse group of committed and dedicated participants who shared a common goal–to impact and transform lives.
My time serving the TETF CDC has shown me that the life-changing impact is reciprocal. By giving, much was given in return by way of vital transferrable skills and supportive relationships. Continued Blessings over the TETF CDC ministry.


What a wonderful way to start the day! I truly enjoyed and benefited from Dr. Ben and Pastor Crawford’s weekly leadership during the Teach ‘Em To Fish program. Never before have I read the Holy Bible and interpreted God’s Word as a message for entrepreneurship and self-determination. Wow! Because of the Teach ‘Em To Fish program, I know now that success is a behavior/habit and not some external advantage. I would participate in this program again and again as it was very beneficial to my growth as an employee and future entrepreneur. Thank you!

Stephanie, a TETF soon to be graduate